Engaged Elsewhere…


Dear Reader,
I have been scolded by my friends for writing but failing to post anything current. I fear I have been remiss. My scribblings have taken a rather rebellious and incoherent life of their own.

I fear I have given in to boondoggling. Mea culpa. My absence from Sleeping Elephant has been nettling me to no end. I just cannot bring myself to post any of the mediocre measures that have found their way into my private notebooks.

They say the only way to break through writer’s block is just to write—however, it does not follow that the material should find its way to your eyes. Know this: I am writing. But I am too distracted to post.

The machine is turning…
I remain yours,
A.E. Wallace



About A. E. Wallace aka [EL] Selkie

Ann Wallace holds a degree from the University of Texas at El Paso in Mass Communications and minored in Creative Writing. She worked at the NBC Affiliate Newschannel9 in El Paso, was a journalist for the El Paso Diocese Catholic Newspaper, held writing workshops with The Tumblewords Project, performed as a Slam Poet and published poetry in small literary magazines. She is now an ex-pat in the UK where she lives, knits, games, works and writes. View all posts by A. E. Wallace aka [EL] Selkie

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